The next generation

Blokker Backwater Valves

                   to provide

     Superior Protection

               for your home


Years of experimentation and development have led to this point. The result is a product that will provide unparalleled protection against sewer backups.


The Blokker Backwater Valves are CSA certified, and meet the requirements of the Canada National Plumbing Code Sewer Line venting requirements, and requires no routine maintenance.


These Valves have gone through rigorous testing to ensure the product would not fail during a backup condition — older generation backwater valve failures to stop flooding are around 50%.


The design to meet Canada National Plumbing Code Sewer Line venting requirements, ensure the elimination of pressure waves that cause great damage to sewer lines and backwater valves.


Benefits during backflow event:

1. No air trapped and compressed during backflow event

2. Remove excess air moving to highest point, from sewer line

3. Allow air into sewer line during vacuum events

4. Valve mechanism outside debris flow prevents clogging

5. Specially designed rubber seal seals even with small debris in sewer water


Benefits during Installation:

1. Small footprint means less digging, smaller cavity

2. Compact Vent means no external vent required

3. No installation restrictions regarding risers, etc.


Operational lifetime benefits:

1. CSA approved / assured Quality

2. No routine maintenance by Licensed Plummer required

3. Economical & efficient alarms

4. Communication to mobile phone


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Code Compliant


· CSA certified


· Meet Canada Plumbing Code Sewer Line Venting requirements


Zero-Failure Design Parameters


· Valve mechanism out of debris flow path


· Closing valve only when sewer line runs full at backwater valve position


· Valve mechanism shielded from floating debris


· Valve seal increase seal with rising pressures


· Obstruction free, laminar flow – straight through design with no change events in flow surfaces


Easy Installation


· Compact Design – small footprint for tight installations


· Straight pipe design – easy to install / retrofit in sewer line


· Optional Integrated Vent allows for installation without vent stack


Managing Pressure Waves


· Trapped air with  backflow event in progress is not compressed– preventing pressure waves


· Drains air bubbling up to highest point in sewer line during backup event – preventing pressure waves


· Allow outside air into sewer line with vacuum in sewer line.




· Easy install economical battery or mains early backup warning strobe and siren alarms – automatically resets.


· Easy install economical battery or mains backup present strobe and siren alarms– automatically resets.


· Wired or wireless communications from Blokker to receivers


· Communications to Smart Phone



· No routine maintenance required


· No service requirement after backup event


· Blokker will advise through optional valve alarm if service is required after backup event


No installation limitations


· No ‘distance to riser’ limits


· No limit to first take off


Managing Main Water Supply


· Optional ability to shut off main water supply to home during backup event – to prevent water building up on upstream side of backwater valve resulting in flooding


· Auto reset main water supply when backup event is cleared


Other Applications


· Could be installed in connector lines up to 45º slope



Your home. Protected